Micro-Content: Email Subject Lines You Don't Want to Ignore

Subject lines in emails are the pinnacle of microcontent. A good example of micro-content is the subject line of an email, which may not seem like much yet.

Micro-Content: Email Subject Lines You Don't Want to Ignore

Email marketing is right up there with online dating and looking for a job in terms of how likely it is to make people angry. As an email marketer, you might get turned down a lot. Most of your emails will either not be read or will be politely turned down. Sad but true, not every subscriber, not even your biggest fans, will read your email. Even though I don't open many of the marketing emails I get, Email marketing companies keep sending them to me. I think that's partly because of the subject lines of emails. Even though email subject lines may not seem important, they are the best example of micro-content.

What is Micro-Content?
Micro-content is a term for short, sweet, and mobile-friendly content that is easy to read and understand.

  • People who don't open your marketing emails can still be reached.

People would interact with brands for a few seconds, but if your email subject lines win their hearts, they will convert or open your email.

For example, Subject Line: More time for family and friends. Enjoy Pizzas together – Let Pizza Hut deliver!

In short, email marketers shouldn't worry too much about open rates. They aren't everything.

  • How to get in touch with people who don't answer your mail

Even if people don't open your email, you can still talk to them. Here's how:

  • Subject lines for emails
  • Your Email Preheader
  • Text Sender Name

All three of these can be used to make an impression and get important information across to the audience.

  • Make your mark

Even with emails that aren't opened, you can strengthen your brand by being consistent with your sender name. Even the subject lines of your emails can help you leave a good impression. Here are a few examples of subject lines for emails.

  • SEO Month Starts in XYZ Garage
  • The Ultimate Guide to Web Hosting for Your Business
  • The XYZ Garage has mobile trends for you

Everyone wants to leave a good impression like this. These are the ways to market your small or large business so that it does well. Even if your subscribers don't open every email you send, these subject lines may make them think about services like web hosting or SEO.

  • Give Out Important Information

You can put important information in the subject line of an email to get your message across quickly to people who don't always open your emails.

Here are some more examples.

  1. We're giving away 50% off Myntra Denim Shoes until tomorrow.
  2. Business Startup Meet: Today is the last day to sign up

  • Make the subject lines of your emails stand out in the inbox

Email marketing is all about getting people to open your emails. Cut down on the length of your long-form content and focus on the call to action. Write clever subject lines that talk to your audience every time, or your email will never get opened.

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