Additional Search Engine Optimization Benefits with a Dedicated IP Address

A common query is whether or not a static IP address is preferable to a shared IP address when it comes to search engine optimization. Learn more about that here.

Additional Search Engine Optimization Benefits with a Dedicated IP Address

Optimization for search engines is an art. The better your Google search rank, the more likely it is that you will be able to sell your product or service online. SEO experts keep trying different things on websites to get them to rank higher and get more leads. One of the questions is whether a dedicated IP address is better for SEO than a shared IP address.

What is a dedicated IP address?
Sites that put a high priority on security, like eCommerce sites, often use dedicated IP addresses. It can store private information like credit card numbers, addresses, and other sensitive data.

What is a Shared IP Address?
As we've already said, the server that your web host uses to host your website is a single machine with a single IP address. In shared web hosting, on the other hand, one server can host thousands of websites at once. All of these websites can be found by the single IP address that is given to the server by the web host.

So, when it comes to SEO, is it better for a site to have its own IP address?

Let's look at some of the good things about it:

SSL: Google has started giving a boost to sites that have SSL certificates, which are sites that start with "https." Even though they said it only affected 1%, it is still there, and this is a real SEO benefit. SSL can make your website more visible on public networks and can make websites run a little bit faster. This means that your site might get more visitors and run a little bit faster.

Malware: We all know that servers that host many websites share their resources, and some of those sites may have malware. Some people call it a risk because it's on the same IP address as our website. Since it's in a bad neighborhood, your SEO rankings will go down. In this case, it's better to have a dedicated IP address, but only if your web hosting service is reliable.

Speed: We all know that shared hosting means that many websites share the same resources. The website that uses your resources or IP address could be more popular than yours. Because of this, your website may move more slowly.

Your website won't load faster just because you give it a unique IP address, but switching to a dedicated IP address will make a difference. Instead of giving your website a dedicated IP address on a shared server, you should move to a server that only hosts your websites. Your website will be faster, easier to use, and safer.

Most of the time, your web host will be able to give you a dedicated IP address, which is not expensive. The host won't do anything different for you. A dedicated IP address is a good investment for your website's safety.

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